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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the fascinating Freddy Silva, who is a bestselling author and a leading researcher of alternative history, ancient knowledge, sacred sites, and the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is also the world’s leading expert on crop circles. He has published four books: The Lost Art of Resurrection; First Templar Nation; The Divine Blueprint; and Secrets In The Fields. He is also a documentary filmmaker, and leads private tours to sacred sites across the globe. For over fifteen years he has been an international keynote speaker and has appeared on Discovery Channel, The History Channel, BBC, numerous video documentaries, and national and international radio shows. He is described by the CEO of Universal Light Expo as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now.”

I have long been a student and explorer of energy, consciousness and the tantalizing similarities between mysticism and quantum physics. Because I was not blessed with a scientific mind, I have gravitated more toward the mystics and spiritual masters to learn about who we are and why we’re here.

I’m fascinated by the notion that each of us is a multi-dimensional being living in a multi-dimensional universe, that we are far, far more than our customary self-identity as purely physical beings would suggest, and that our true essence is nonphysical, vibrational, eternal – and magnificent beyond measure.

And as regular readers of this column surely know by now, I’m also drawn to the idea and understanding that each of us is uniquely brilliant, that our uniqueness is expressed through our heartfelt longings, and that those longings are evolutionary impulses which guide us through our own personally customized process of growth. As we grow, we awaken more and more to the truth of who we are.

Freddy Silva is awake. He has followed his calling and devoted his life to understanding and revealing deep truths that serve not just his own evolution but also the evolution of humanity. His vast knowledge of sacred sites, ancient wisdom traditions, crop circles and the nature of human consciousness is staggering. And on top of that, he is intuitive, wise, engaging – and very, very funny.

He embodies so much of what I have come to understand and believe about our human-spiritual journey that I think of him as a kindred spirit. Speaking with him about his life and his work was a delight, a revelation and an honor.

Freddy believes that we incarnate with a certain mission or purpose. Some people are lucky and discover it early, while others have it – as he said with his characteristic dry humor – thrust upon them.

He apparently places himself in the latter category. Growing up he was fascinated with pyramids and often felt like an outsider compared to his contemporaries. He attempted nonetheless to conform to society’s norms and expectations, as so many others who feel they don’t quite fit in with mainstream culture have done, myself included. And he was good at it! He became very successful as an art director in the world of advertising.

But when crop circles began getting media exposure and he saw a report about them on the news, something woke up inside him. He said, again with that delightfully dry humor, that he could “pin the demise of his career to that moment.”

He was drawn to investigate them directly, and spent summer after summer in England, exploring crop circles both on the ground and through extensive research. In his first book, Secrets in the Fields, he describes losing a “beautiful house, beautiful life, and bountiful finances” as a result of his total immersion in the phenomenon.

Many people would view his loss of home, career and marriage as a huge sacrifice to have made, yet I see it as a sacred choice. It’s clear to me that he could have done nothing else but follow the lead of his inner drive to unravel the mysteries of crop circles, which then led him to explore even deeper mysteries.

When I asked Freddy about that, he said that the “fringe benefits” of the life he has chosen are inestimable. Through his interaction with crop circles, sacred sites and ancient temples – all of which, from his expanded perspective, are iterations of the same concept – he has experienced a profound connection with what you might call the grid or the Godhead or Source.

He not only understands but knows that God is not somewhere else – God is inside all of us, all the time. He knows, and experiences, how important and powerful and creative we truly are as human beings.

Through his experience he’s learned that it’s profoundly important to interact with sacred places because that interaction awakens what was called the “Great Man Within” in ancient China. These places were specifically designed for that purpose.

Sacred sites create and sustain particular vibrations that support us in having out-of-body experiences to the Otherworld. In these vast nonphysical dimensions, we come to realize what an amazing universe we’re in and that we have astonishing power to create within it.

Freddy emphasized again and again that our connection is very direct: the Godhead is experiencing itself through us. Another way to say it is that this primary energy source, sometimes understood as the Divine Feminine, creates things in order to understand the creative process.

I have heard that concept many times before and have felt, intuitively, that it reflects a profound truth; in fact it has become the foundation for my own teaching. Yet in my live conversation with Freddy, I was able to feel the truth of it at an even deeper level. He seems to embody and transmit the vibrational frequency of that truth.

Freddy speaks with reverence, wonder and authority about its profound importance. He asks us to accept it for just a second: you are the eyes and ears and hands and voice of the supreme creative force. Everything you see and think and say and do affects the “control box” for the entire universe. Your individual life – what you intend, what you think and what you do – affects universal Life on multiple levels.

This goes far beyond the intricate interdependencies of our planetary ecosystem. Our impact on countless nonphysical levels, dimensions, systems, life forms and fields of consciousness is almost unfathomable. If you imagine these multiple dimensions being connected through a cosmic grid, Freddy says that we feed into the grid and it feeds into us.

And yet we’ve been conditioned to believe we are separate from God, separate from Source, and in that false belief – which gives rise to misperceptions of an infinite universe as simply a repository of a finite number of physical things – the idea of scarcity arises, and with it fear, competition and greed.
Our misunderstanding of who we are, and especially of who we are in relation to Source, has generated experiences such as poverty, war and the decimation of our natural resources that we could rightly call hell on earth.

This is why waking up to who we are is so vitally important, and why Freddy Silva pursues his mission to educate, illuminate and elevate with such passion. He understands that as more of us interact with sacred places, we activate long-dormant abilities such as keen intuition, the ability to perceive subtle energies, expanded awareness of our interconnectedness and much, much more.

Through these expanded abilities we can make different choices and create different results. We can reclaim our power to create heaven on earth.

We can even develop the ability to predict winning lottery numbers.

Yes, Freddy is uniquely attuned to both ancient mysteries and the mind of modern man. That’s one of the reasons talking to him is such a delight. His stories about winning lottery numbers are both funny and insightful, so I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of listening to our recorded conversation.

I hope you’ll also renew your intention to wake up to who you really are. In Freddy’s latest book, The Lost Art of Resurrection, he reveals that resurrection – being risen from the dead – is a metaphor for waking up. In our hell-on-earth state of consciousness, it is as if we are sleepwalking through life. When we travel to the Otherworld and gain the insights and perspectives of our expanded, multi-dimensional selves, we are awakened to the truth of who we are – and that changes everything. We come back awake and fully alive, and our lives are imbued with peace, wisdom and grace.

That is what Anita Moorjani experienced through her near death experience, and that is what the initiates in ancient mystery schools experienced as they went through the ritual of resurrection. That is what we can experience through our power of intention and a willingness to discover our unique way of connecting with the greater, nonphysical aspect of our being.

Freddy Silva has found his path and his purpose, and he’s lighting the way for countless others. Let yourself be called to your path. As Freddy is fond of quoting:

“If you can discover the purpose of your soul, you are the master of the world.” – from the Gospel of Philip (a gospel found in an ancient text that has been banned by the Church)

May you be the master of your world.

Visit www.invisibletemple.com to learn more about Freddy Silva’s work and to purchase his books.

Click here to listen to my interview with Freddy.

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