Meditation For Transformation


Thirteen meditations designed to support you in quieting your thinking mind and opening to your loving and wise inner guidance.



Thirteen meditations designed to support you in quieting your thinking mind and opening to your loving and wise inner guidance.

Within you is a knowing that arises not from linear thought processes, but from your deepest heart of hearts. When you listen to this knowing, and act on it, you begin to experience the ease and Grace of a life lived in full integrity with your true Self.  You experience deeper peace and a growing sense of trust in a loving Universe.

You transform your life from ordinary to inspired.

About this CD

Twelve of these meditations were originally created and recorded as part of our Monthly Inspiration Series subscription program. The names of the meditations reflect the theme of a particular month’s focus in the series. The final track, You Are A Star, was added as a bonus for this CD. Below each title is a suggestion for when that particular track is likely to be most helpful.  You are, of course, free to listen to any track at any time you wish to do so!

Each meditation runs from ten to twelve minutes. Please make sure you are in a quiet, private place when you listen to them, and that you feel comfortable and safe. Do not listen to these meditations while doing anything else, especially driving.

Enjoy these meditations as a gift, but not as a luxury. Taking time to pause and listen deeply to yourself is essential to living a truly authentic and inspired life. Be willing to be surprised at how transformative even ten minutes a day in meditation can be.

What People Have Told Us:

“I’ve listened to your meditation CD twice. I found it really powerful. I mean REALLY powerful. It shifted stuff from mind, body and spirit, and catapulted me into a whirlpool of releasing. You certainly packed some strong vibes into it. I want to say how much I appreciate you and I’m sending this with gratitude and Love.” – Jane W.

Meditation for Transformation
Guided Meditations for Opening to Your Inner Wisdom

Track 1 – Make a Vow
When you want to feel safe and loved.

Track 2 – The Dance of Clarity & Uncertainty
When the answers are not yet clear and you may be over-analyzing.

Track 3 – Firmness, Fire and Focus
When you have drifted off course and need a direction correction.

Track 4 – The Velvet Field
When full throttle effort hasn’t worked and it’s time to ease up.

Track 5 – Ready, Set, Let Go
When you need to detach from something or someone that is keeping you stuck.

Track 6 – The Deeper Truth of Who You Are
When you need radical self-acceptance.

Track 7 – Let Love Lead
When you need to self-soothe or develop trust in a higher wisdom. (Good before going to sleep.)

Track 8 – Put Your Passion Into Practice
When you need to connect to your potent inner life force to make your dreams a reality.

Track 9 – Losing Control, Gaining Freedom
When nothing is going the way you want it to go.

Track 10 – Listen to Yourself With Love
When you need your inner guidance more than ever.

Track 11 – The Graceful Power of Willingness
When you are at an impasse and can’t see the next step.

Track 12 – Your Point of Power is Always NOW
When fear is in control and you need to reclaim your power.

Track 13 – You Are A Star
When you want to connect with your brilliant, unique essence.

Guided meditations created by Suzanne Eder
Original background music composed by Thomas Sterner
Recorded and produced in the studio of Thomas Sterner


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