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It emerges through the potent alchemy of genuine Self-Love.

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Suzanne Eder

An award-winning writer, teacher and mentor, Suzanne is devoted to helping people awaken to their magnificence and live deeply fulfilling lives. She is known among her clients and students as a deeply wise, loving and intuitive mentor. Suzanne lives what she teaches and is, the words of bestselling author Tama Kieves, “the real deal.”


Suzanne Eder's Highly Acclaimed New Book


Suzanne's groundbreaking new book is heralded by world-renowned life coach Martha Beck as one that possesses "that rare combination of spiritual insight and logical pragmatism. What You Want Wants You will delight readers who enjoy exploring the mysteries of the world in practical ways." In a recent Gathering Room podcast featuring the book, Martha proclaimed, "Everyone should read this book!"

The Dark Side of Self Improvement | TEDxWilmington


“The blessing of changing careers at 60 was full of fear and anxiety. Your professional guidance, intuitive gift and overwhelming kindness allowed me to manifest my dream with positivity and without judgment.”

– Donnell T.

“Thank you so much for the sessions. The work you do is so necessary and beautiful. I reach out to you because of what you do and how you do it – with gentleness, kindness, sincerity and truth.”

- M.M.

“Sessions with Suzanne are profoundly nourishing.”

– Mary S.