Alchemy Of Self Love – Season 1

In these short, uplifting podcasts, Suzanne answers questions about loving yourself into a life you love from members of her audience, who serve as guest interviewers. The conversations are focused, encouraging, and illuminating. Enjoy!

COVID-19 and the Life Pulse

Episode 7

In this very brief (11 minutes), spontaneously created podcast, Suzanne offers a comforting perspective on where we are in the resolution of the pandemic through the lens of the Life Pulse, a naturally occurring energy dynamic. Relax and listen with an open mind and an open heart.

Opening to Abundance

Episode 6

In this heartfelt conversation with Zhi Bell, Suzanne talks about the importance of finding ways to come into harmony with your Expanded Self, especially through silent communion, which strengthens your abundance consciousness and opens you to guidance. This podcast includes a brief meditation to support you with that intention. Relax and enjoy!

From Grit to Grace

Episode 5

Suzanne invites guest interviewer Michael to share the story of his momentous shift from a life of pushing and striving to one of letting go and trusting Life itself to guide him. Universal insights are revealed, including a helpful distinction between goals and desires and the importance of receiving direction from stillness rather than analysis.

The Open-Hearted NO

Episode 4

In this conversation Suzanne speaks with Katie in Florida about how to cultivate and sustain Self-Love when living with others whose beliefs and preferences differ from our own. She offers a perspective on saying or feeling what she calls an open-hearted No, rather than setting rigid or defensive boundaries, as a way of saying Yes to our true selves. They also talk about the importance of not resigning ourselves to situations that are unpleasant. People who consider themselves sensitive will likely resonate very strongly with this podcast.

The Four Portals of Transformation

Episode 3

In this conversation Suzanne is delighted to speak with Lesley in Australia about the subtle yet effective ways of cultivating Self-Love on a daily basis, using the four portals of transformation: intention, awareness, willingness and practice. They also discuss the role emotions play in loving yourself into a life you love. This podcast is a bit longer than the norm, running just over 33 minutes. Relax and enjoy!

Loving Yourself Through the Fear of Rejection

Episode 2

Suzanne talks to Nina Rao, spiritual life coach in Ecuador, about how to navigate through the fear of rejection with respect to sharing more of herself in her work. Topics covered include understanding that how the world treats us reflects how we treat ourselves, the vital importance of being in harmony with your Large Self, how to create effective anchor statements and use them to help yourself through moments of fear, the often untapped power of reflection, and what it means to shift your self-identity.

Keeping Your Vibration High When Circumstances Are Pulling You Down

Episode 1

In this thoughtful conversation with longtime client and colleague Ann Murphy, Suzanne offers a perspective on why keeping your vibration high matters, practices to help you shift your vibration when you find yourself in unwanted circumstances, and a reminder about the importance of maintaining a light and loving touch with all of this.

If you’d like to be a guest interviewer on a future podcast, please email Suzanne to express your interest. She will contact you to explore topics and schedule your podcast. We love to know what’s on your mind and respond to as many of your questions as we can!