Guided Meditations to Release Resistance & Connect With Your Soul’s Longings


Two guided meditations to help you release resistance and connect with your soul’s true longings, plus an extra track of deep meditative music. Profound and powerful.



Guided Meditations to Release Resistance and Focus Attention on Your Soul’s True Longings

With original music composed by Michael Samson

To experience a sense of peace and to consciously create the meaningful and joyful lives we long for, we need to release ourselves from conditioned, repetitive thinking and harness the immense power of our deeper wisdom. With a soul stirring soundtrack and Suzanne’s gentle and grounding voice, this CD provides two amazing guided meditations: the first guides you through a practice of release, acceptance and expansion, freeing your mind from its usual patterns of attachment and judgment; the second meditation gently focuses your awareness on a deep place of wisdom within you, where your soul’s true longings await your attention and acknowledgment. There is also a third meditation of music only, offering a rich tapestry of sound to support extended reflection and contemplation. The meditations can be practiced individually or as a series.

Audio Sample:
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Let this CD help you unlock those stuck places within and get in touch with who you really are.

Special note: Do not listen to this CD while driving. The intent and focus of the meditations are to shift your focus away from external stimuli so that you can go within to relax and renew.

What People Have Told Us:

“The CDs arrived yesterday and I have one word, WOW!!!!!  Thank you again, I am renewed and energized!”

“I’ve been working with the meditation CD almost every day and it has really opened me to new possibilities for my life!”


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