The World’s Shortest Blog Post

Today is gray and rainy. I feel a lot like the weather…which, oddly, isn’t a bad feeling at all. It seems like a good day to curl up and take a nap. I’m supposed to be working on my next article for Living.Well Magazine but ny mind feels about as sharp as an old butter knife. A very familiar voice inside my head is trying hard to force me into productivity, yet a quieter, kinder voice asks me, “What would loving yourself look like right now?”

I think back to last Saturday, when I gave nyself permission to do only what I had the authentic impulse, energy and willingness to do. (One of my favorite exercises for clients to help them reconnect with their natural rhythm and trust that rhythm to lead them into their natural creativity and productivity.) I refused to judge myself for being “lazy” and simply listened inward for guidance. At the end of the day not only was I well rested – I had completed several things that needed to be done, effortlessly. Once again I rediscovered how liberating it is to remove the shackles of self-judgment and dare to trust myself, instead.

So I’ll do the same right now. I’m listening inward, and the answer to “What would loving yourself look like right now?” is… that nap. The comfy chair awaits.

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