An Interview with Tracy Peal

Suzanne had the unique pleasure of interviewing movement specialist extraordinaire Tracy Peal, who is a different kind of transformational coach: he transforms ordinary people into athletes, and athletes into elite athletes. While he is not yet a top-selling author, he is likely to become one when he publishes his book.

Says Suzanne, “Tracy’s knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology is vast, and he’s gifted with the ability to translate that knowledge into action. What drew me to interview him was his keen understanding of the holistic and energetic nature of movement, and his ability to see beyond current misperceptions of what movement is, and how it is accomplished. Our work is very similar in that regard: we help our clients recognize the false beliefs that inhibit them from moving forward.”

Tracy is a gifted and articulate speaker. He also has a rare combination of immense intelligence and a truly engaging personality. Let this conversation stimulate your excitement about moving your body in a whole new way.

Playback time: 16 minutes, 44 seconds