An Interview with Tom Sterner

Suzanne recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Sterner, top-selling author of The Practicing Mind. In addition to being a highly accomplished writer, Tom is a trained jazz pianist, a private pilot, a student of archery and an avid golfer. He teaches his techniques for mastering skills to businesspeople, at sports clinics, and to learners of all kinds.

The Practicing Mind is all about helping you develop focus and discipline so that you can gain mastery of whatever skill or challenge you choose. At a deeper level, though, it is about cultivating present-moment awareness and a deep appreciation for life as an ongoing process rather than a series of goals to Tom Sterner book coverreach. Here is a tantalizing quote from the book:

“Real peace and contentment in our lives come from realizing that life is a process to engage in, a journey down a path that we can choose to experience as magical.”

In the interview, Tom speaks with clarity and eloquence about how cultivating what he calls a practicing mind literally transformed him from someone who felt powerless to accomplish what really mattered to him, to someone who is focused, confident and highly accomplished. He shares amusing and inspiring stories about how a clear and calm mind can literally create miracles.

Like Tom’s writing, his speaking voice is crystal-clear and very engaging. Please treat yourself to this conversation with a man who has seamlessly translated Eastern philosophies into concepts and practices that are perfectly suited for the Western mind.

And now – the interview.

Listen and enjoy!