An Interview with Freddy Silva

Suzanne had the pleasure of interviewing best-selling author Freddy Silva, who is a leading researcher of alternative history, ancient knowledge, sacred sites, and the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is also the world’s leading expert on crop circles. His latest book is called The Lost Art of Resurrection: Initiation, Secret Chambers and the Quest for the Otherworld, and here is a tantalizing description of the book, excerpted from his website:

“Over two thousand years before the version of the resurrection promoted by the Vatican, people from Egypt and China to Celtic Britain and North America practiced a secret, mystical ritual.

Its initiates from Plato to Zoroaster regarded the experience as the pinnacle of spiritual development, a life-altering awakening that disclosed insights into the nature of reality and the purpose of the soul.

Blending ancient traditions, factual research and rare accounts, this book offers a unique insight into the secret art of living resurrection, what it really means to be risen from the dead, and why initiates chose a voluntary near-death experience to journey to the Otherworld and back.”

Says Suzanne, “Freddy’s vast knowledge of sacred sites, ancient wisdom traditions, crop circles and the nature of human consciousness is staggering. He has followed his calling and devoted his life to understanding and revealing deep truths that serve humanity’s evolution. And on top of that, he is intuitive, wise, engaging – and very, very funny. You will love this interview.”

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