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Written by Suzanne Eder | December 17, 2018 |

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Now word behind a torn paper with procrastination excuses.

Here we are once again, at the start of a new year.

Here we are once again, at the start of a new month.

Here we are once again, at the start of a new day.

Here we are once again, at the start of a new moment.

Here we are in the spacious NOW, where all of our creative power exists.

In recent months, I’ve been taking a deep dive into my understanding of something I tell my clients and myself often, because I believe it to be immensely helpful on the path of personal transformation. I decided to take a deep dive because I’d repeated this particular phrase so many times, it started to feel more like a cliché than the declaration of potent truth that it is:

Your point of power is always NOW.

That simple statement has many nuances of meaning, not the least of which is that we can initiate change at any time – not just on January 1st – and regardless of anything we have experienced in our past.

But perhaps the most stunning thing about the statement is that it’s literally true: NOW is the only time there is.  And I don’t think many of us grasp the vast implications of this truth.

We more commonly think of time as moving in a linear, step-by-step forward motion, with “past” being behind us and “future” being ahead of us, and within that framework we automatically form certain conclusions about the way life is.  And some of those conclusions don’t serve us well.

As I revisited material I’d previously read or learned about NOW being the only time there is, I took time to reflect deeply on it, to contemplate it in meditation and to explore questions about it in my journal.  I reached a different level of understanding of what many wise teachers have been telling us for eons:

Linear time is a construct of our minds. And that construct is meant to serve us, not enslave us.

Of course, what I’m calling my deep dive into these truths is actually a mere scratch on the surface. I have a strong sense of the enormity of their implications, yet just an inkling of what they might actually be. Still, I’ve gained new insights that are, for me, truly liberating, and I look forward to both deepening and expanding those insights.

One of the insights I’ve gained during my exploration of what I call the spacious NOW seemed the perfect thing to share at the start of a new year, when so many people pause to reflect on their lives and identify what they would like to change…

…and then conclude that the change is likely to be difficult to accomplish, given how long they’ve experienced whatever it is they no longer wish to experience, as well as perhaps a number of previous failed attempts to change that very thing.

If you, like so many people, have come to believe that the longer you’ve experienced something, the harder it is to change, here is the insight I want to share with you:

All creative power exists in the spacious NOW. There is NO power in the perceived progression of linear time.

Have I knocked your socks off yet? Perhaps not. But stay with me, I’ll do my best to shake you gently out of your belief in how hard it is to change things you’ve been experiencing for a “long time.”

Before I go further, though, let me introduce another key understanding about the creative process that comes from the metaphysical world of energy and consciousness. This one, when considered in concert with the understanding that all of our creative power exists in the NOW, has the potential to initiate an experience of the change process unlike any you’ve had before.

Here it is:

The manifest world is an expression of our consciousness – our beliefs, thoughts, expectations and feelings. Our thoughts literally turn into things and experiences through the laws of energy dynamics, not all of which are yet recognized by science (although that is changing). Consciousness is the source or cause of all physical manifestations.

So now let’s bring theses two powerhouse principles of creation together:

Our consciousness – and only our consciousness – creates our manifest reality in the spacious NOW.

I can almost hear you saying, “So what?” or maybe even, “Huh???”

Let me try to explain. I’ll start with a visual – an image that came to me during one of my deep reflections on the nature of the spacious NOW. I wish I could draw it for you, but since I can’t, I’ll attempt to draw it with words.

Imagine a mammoth ball of energy that represents your spacious NOW.  Within that ball of energy is every outcome and experience you could possibly have in your life – past, present or future – although they haven’t yet reached the threshold of perception through your physical senses. 

Each of them is vibrating in its incipient, pre-manifest state, and each of them is holding its full potential for realization, just as a seed holds the full potential of the plant. This means that the power of any given possible outcome – its essential life force energy that has an innate drive to be expressed – is held within its potential, and every potential resides in the spacious NOW.

Now imagine a series of points dotted along the surface of the huge ball, which can be connected, one to another, in a single line. This line is what I’ll call the overlay of linear time, and each point is a moment. (I’m using the word “moment” here not to convey a measure of clock time, but any period of time in which you have a particular focus.)

Each moment point is a portal to your spacious NOW, which means that in each moment, you have the opportunity to, in effect, draw experiences from their pre-manifest state in the NOW into your lived experience in that moment.

And what is it that draws energy from the pre-manifest state into the manifest state?

Your vibration, your quality of consciousness – your beliefs, thoughts, expectations and emotions which are active in that moment. Your energy/consciousness calls possibilities that match its vibration from the spacious NOW into the present moment, where they can be experienced.

And because the moment point is a gateway between this present moment and the eternal NOW, the effect goes both ways. Your energy/consciousness in the moment point not only draws resonant, ripe potentials from the spacious NOW into your experience, it intensifies all similar energy potentials (possible outcomes) in the NOW that match it, so they are more likely to be drawn into a “future” moment point when you get there.

If you’re able to see or sense this huge ball of potentials and reflect on the “surface” moment points as gateways to those potentials, hopefully you’re beginning to grasp that you can access desired outcomes in the NOW through any given moment point.

You don’t need to have a long string of consecutive moment points to create an outcome, because you have access to the whole ball of NOW in any moment point. The string itself – the construct of linear time – has no inherent power of its own.

I’m not saying you could, with this understanding, suddenly have the ability to heal a chronic condition instantaneously, or triple your income in a short amount of time – although I’m not saying you couldn’t. Those kinds of outcomes are possible, even if they’re not likely.

What I want to emphasize is that the fact of your having experienced something unwanted for a long time has no direct bearing on how quickly you can change it. There is no inherent power in the seeming progression or continuation of linear time. All power is in the spacious NOW.

And again, we access that power, moment by moment, through the vibrations of our consciousness. The key here is in the strength and stability of those vibrations.  And vibrations – thoughts, beliefs, expectations and feelings – are strengthened and stabilized through our focus on them.

For example, let’s say that your income is lower than you want or need it to be, and although you’ve tried lots of things, nothing has worked well.  You’ve been focused on taking action to resolve the issue, not fully appreciating that your consciousness – your beliefs, thoughts, expectations and emotions – are what need to be changed before any actions will be effective.

The longer you’ve lived with “not enough income,” the more resigned to it you have become. And because you, like virtually everyone else, have believed in the progression of linear time – you believed that the past feeds into the present which feeds into the future – you actually have come to expect the condition of lack to continue.

But now, with your newfound understanding that consciousness creates all manifest experience and there is NO power in the perceived progression of linear time, you recognize that your expectation of the continuation of lack has been vibrating strongly in your consciousness, moment to moment to moment.

It’s not that the past is feeding into your present and your future, it’s that you’re bringing the same consciousness – the same thoughts and worries about lack – to every moment, therefore drawing resonant experiences of “not enough” from your spacious NOW into your physical experience, over and over again.

Yet the potential experience of abundant income is also vibrating powerfully in your spacious NOW, and now you understand that you can access your NOW in any moment. (Are you feeling the “now-ness” of it all??)

So you begin to consciously change the focus and direction of your thoughts away from lack and toward abundance, moment to moment. With practice, you get better and better. The new thoughts start to feel familiar, which means they’re gaining strength and stability. As they reach the level of expectation, their vibration is strong and stable enough to begin drawing more abundant outcomes from the spacious NOW into your lived experience.

Does this practice of shifting beliefs and thoughts “take time”? Yes, within the framework of linear time that we’re in, it does. But the amount of time it takes has nothing to do with time itself, and everything to do with the strength and stability of the vibration you wish to hold in any moment.

I’ll be the first to admit that changing the focus and direction of thoughts away from a current, unwanted experience toward one that’s desirable isn’t something that initially comes easily to most of us, so again, I don’t want to paint a picture here of instant manifestations.

But I do want to paint a picture of experiencing greater empowerment and ease in creating what you genuinely want in your life.  When you have a deeper understanding of the inherent power of desired outcomes already vibrating in the spacious NOW, and of your innate ability to access that power through your consciousness, you experience more and more of your brilliant, joyful and endlessly creative self.

Your time really is NOW.  Shift your focus, shift your consciousness, shift your experience.

Why not start…now?

I’d love to hear from you! Your insightful comments are always welcome on my site.

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  1. Tris Barber on December 28, 2018 at 8:11 am

    Wow! Once again, Suzanne’s comments are timely, meaningful & helpful. Thank you for sharing profound insights in a way that we can practically apply in our daily lives. As we approach (in linear time :)) a new year and new beginning, I welcome a renewed practice, a shift in consciousness, One which reflects the spacious NOW and I especially welcome sharing with those I love as Suzanne shares with us, creating an ever expanding community of gratitude and love.

    • Suzanne Eder on December 28, 2018 at 12:48 pm

      Tris, thank you so much for your lovely comment, and for taking the time to write. I am delighted that you found this post helpful and I’m honored to be a part of your community of gratitude and love.

  2. Mary Schaefer on December 28, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Thank you Suzanne for your timely post. It is so familiar to “…believe that the longer you’ve experienced something, the harder it is to change.” You’ve translated a difficult concept and helped me grow my willingness to shrug off what feels like the accumulated baggage of what hasn’t worked in the past. I can focus on this spacious NOW and start to believe in the possibility of change. I know I will refer to this post again and again.

    • Suzanne Eder on December 28, 2018 at 12:52 pm

      Mary, thank you for your perseverance in getting a comment on my site posted! I had a difficult time deciding which version to approve, as they were all so kindly and beautifully written. (I’ll email you with an explanation of what was creating difficulty with posting.) I’m so glad this blog post resonated with you and hope it does continue to be a source of support. Thank you again!

  3. Ann on January 1, 2019 at 9:29 am

    I am just catching up on emails and for once I’m glad for the lag. I’m reading Suzanne’s latest blog post about the NOW on New Year’s Day. How appropriate. I’ve always found these concepts difficult to digest. I get it in this moment and then I forget it in those moments when life delivers up challenges. I, too, feel I must refer to this again and again. I’ve taken some steps quite recently to end a manifest reality I created a couple of years ago, one that no longer serves me, and to attract a more abundant one. I was meditating on my cat earlier today and remembering I’d read somewhere that a cat symbolizes an alertness and watchfulness around “vermin” that can creep into our lives–like negative thoughts, immobilizing fears, and persistent doubts. My challenge is to manage these verminous things, cat-like, so they don’t pollute the strength and stability of the vibration I want to send out to the creative Universe. Thanks Suzanne for taking the time to put these principals into words I can understand and visualize.

    • Suzanne Eder on January 1, 2019 at 3:39 pm

      Leave it to cats to teach us about the layers and nuances of a life well lived in this physical realm…and leave it to my highly articulate, “words are my toys” friend to use a word like “verminous.” I love it! It’s the perfect description of the kind of mental/emotional expressions that seem to eat away at our strong and stable vibrations of generosity and abundance that are otherwise naturally present. Thank you so much, Ann, for your always-thoughtful reflections.

      And if I may stretch the cat analogy just a bit, I say we should adopt their relaxed, confident and (dare I say) playful approach to dissolving the vermin of negative thoughts, immobilizing fears and pernicious doubts. And then we should enjoy more luxurious cat naps…

      • Ann C Murphy on January 7, 2019 at 10:13 am

        Suzanne – LOL. Thanks for extending my analogy on cats toward a fun and easy solution. I can always depend on you for that.

  4. Ginny on January 5, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Thank you for this post, Suzanne! As I begin what feels like a brand new chapter, the picture you painted with words was so encouraging and uplifting! Despite my previous experiences the power is right here, right now! Thank you for your inspiration! Ginny

    • Suzanne Eder on January 5, 2019 at 1:31 pm

      Ginny, how wonderful to hear from you!! I’m so glad you liked the post and that you took the time to comment. It really is true that our previous experiences only have the power we give them; our true creative power is always NOW. May your NOW unfold in wonderfully fulfilling ways!

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