Ode to the Easy Button

Here I sit, staring once again at a blank screen and wondering what I can share with you that might be helpful, illuminating or uplifting. The screen stares back, mutely. I shift positions in my chair, then look out the window. It’s such a gorgeous, almost-spring day and I begin to daydream about my upcoming trip to the beach. I look back at the computer screen.

It’s still blank.

So I get up and drink a glass of water and then slather moisturizer on my hands. (I just can’t type with dry hands.) I sit back down again and cast around in my mind for inspiring or thought-provoking perspectives on the journey of creating a deeply fulfilling life. Let’s see…what are the teachings and suggestions my clients find most helpful?

My mind seems as blank as the screen.


I let my gaze drift and it lands on a small object that sits in an honored spot next to my computer: my Easy button from Staples. There it is, all bright and shiny and compact, with the word “EASY” in cheerful white letters across the top. I tap it so I can hear the words, “That was easy!” spoken with the confidence and enthusiasm I want to feel. I tap it again and can’t help but chuckle. Okay, one more time…funnier still. I love my Easy button!

And I realize this seemingly silly toy has done exactly what I wanted it to do: it’s helped me relax and remember that life isn’t really as hard and serious as my small self would have me believe. Which, it so happens, is one of the teachings I offer that my clients find most helpful. Now, isn’t that convenient?

So let me tell you about the Easy button. A friend of mine told me that a friend of hers, who lives in Texas, gives Staples Easy buttons as gifts to her students and clients, which I thought was brilliant. I immediately ordered 20 of them so I could do the same for my clients and students. And naturally, I gave one to myself. I intentionally placed it next to my computer because I do a lot of my work here and I am enthusiastically committed to my work being fun and, dare I day – easy. (Not boring or mindless, but without struggle.)

As I know so well, our intention and attention are powerfully creative: what we choose to focus on is what expands in our lives. My intention is clear: I desire an ever-greater sense of ease. The next step is to practice focusing my attention on the experience of ease in my life. That’s where the Easy button comes in.

So…any and every time I complete something quickly or easily, I hit the Easy button. Any time I get interrupted and find myself able to get right back into what I was doing, I hit the Easy button. Any time an email or call comes in with a message that inspires me or brings a needed solution to a challenge, I hit the Easy button. Every time I check something off my to-do list, I hit the Easy button. Every time I meet a deadline, I hit the Easy button.

I’ve started making a game of looking for any and every excuse to tap the Easy button and hear that cheerful voice. Sometimes I hit it when I want something to be easy. Sometimes it gets a tap when I’ve taken a really nice, deep breath that relaxes me. Sometimes I treat myself to “That was easy!” when something completely unrelated to my work goes well, such as giving my cat his insulin shot without his throwing me a dirty look.

And sometimes I tap it when I have writer’s block.

Just looking at it makes me smile, most of the time. It serves as a friendly reminder to lighten up, to relax, to laugh and have fun. That’s the special charm of the Easy button: it not only helps me focus my attention where I want to focus it – on ease – it does so in a light-hearted way. And that lightness of heart is so essential to a life of grace and flow, which is the kind of life I want to live.

The kind of life I want to live…that brings us back to intention. If you’d love to experience greater ease and flow in your life, begin by intending it. Keep your intention light – just acknowledge that ease is important and desirable and you want more of it. Then begin looking for anything and everything that feels easy or smooth or pleasurable, and let yourself pause to appreciate the ease in that moment. Take a nice deep breath. See if you can coax your mouth into a genuine smile.

Rinse and repeat. (No, wait, forget the rinse. Just keep repeating!)

You may be surprised at how quickly you begin to experience greater ease and flow in your life. Keep being willing to be surprised! See how easy you can allow things to be. Notice the new spiral you’re on: the easier it gets…the easier it gets. And you created it with your intention and your willingness to focus on ease. (Feel free to get a little assistance from the Easy button. I highly recommend it!)

And then imagine what else you can create with your intention and attention. Be creative and deliberate in your choices! Dare to name the experiences you wish to have. Imagine the most liberating, joy-filled life you can. What is it like? How do you feel in that life? What qualities are present?

Start your list: peace, passion, humor, grace, ease, inspiration, focus, respect, celebration, delight, radiance, vibrant health, joy, making a difference, having fun…the possibilities are endless. Choose what resonates deeply with you and just decide it’s important and you want more of it. Then practice focusing your attention on where it already exists, and pause to acknowledge and celebrate its appearance in your life every time. And hey, if you want to create a “Joy” or “Fun” button – go for it!

And let me know what happens. I’m always looking for inspiring things to write about.

Okay, I think I’m done here. Wow… that was easy.

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