“I wanted to let you know that the seeds of knowledge you helped me plant during the abundance series you taught last summer have been incredibly fruitful over the last few months both in my personal (new house) and professional life ($750K research grant). I’m deeply thankful for what you’ve taught us!”

– R.N., Ph.D.

“I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Expanding Abundance, Suzanne’s new pilot class. After five weeks of learning about the energetic nature of abundance and what it is we do to block it, I am able to see so clearly that this day, today, this weekend—a weekend in which I had no formal plans in spite of all my efforts to fill it—is actually a much-needed gift. It is an opportunity to immerse myself in the expansive materials provided in the class. How often do I and so many of those around me bewail the lack of time in our lives? I am so grateful today to see it as the proof of abundance it is rather than irrefutable evidence that I am a loser because I’m not Out There Doing Something with Somebody. LOL! Something important I’ve learned too is that giving and receiving are meant to work together. To be open to more abundance in my life, I must be open to giving more as well. Since starting the class I’ve consciously noticed the opportunities I’ve been handed to give something I actually love to give. How wonderful is that? It’s as if some wise and wonderful teacher just put the keys to the kingdom in my hand.”


“I’ve listened to your meditation CD twice. I found it really powerful. I mean REALLY powerful. It shifted stuff from mind, body and spirit, and catapulted me into a whirlpool of releasing.You certainly packed some strong vibes into it. I want to say how much I appreciate you and I’m sending this with gratitude and Love.”

-Jane W.

“Sometimes whether by grace or by intent (or both) you get just what you need when you need it.  I’ve learned from Suzanne Eder that the two — grace and intent — are inextricably linked. Suzanne has been my coach for some years and I’ve always known that she is exceptionally gifted at designing guided meditations which help her clients nimbly side step the monkey mind. This is the ultimate gift of her Monthly Inspiration Series. She does all the work and I can go to that place of deep wisdom within myself, effortlessly, without the frustration and self judgement that have accompanied my other attempts at meditation.  Many thanks Suzanne.”

-Ann M.

“Suzanne Eder is an inspiration teacher and an extraordinary human being.  She holds herself to the highest standards of thought and action.  Suzanne is a fierce partner for your large self/higher purpose and never waivers from that support while simultaneously maintaining an environment of total and unconditional self love and support.  She lifts the vibration of the room just by being in it.”

-Deborah C.

“Suzanne’s writing is so practical and soft, smart and gentle at the same time.”


“The weekend beach retreat was so peaceful and nurturing and full of surprises. As one who is still learning to let go of worry and doubt, your theme of “trust” was perfect for me. I found that not only have I taken so much from the weekend but I also left behind some things that I’d carried for far too long. You have provided me with the tools to let go of worry and stop micromanaging the details of my life and trust that everything is perfect.. When the weekend ended I felt that maybe life should be gently held and not so much strangled. Thank you for being the perfect guide.”


“At the beach retreat, I discovered that taking the extra time to get away from everyday life, having the freedom to go deeper and the opportunity to stay longer with the divine Presence within, was both joyful and priceless.  I’ve been to a lot of Suzanne’s workshops, booster classes and one-on-one coaching, but this was an even more profoundly valuable experience.  Instead of exquisite moments of grace I had exquisite days of grace!  I am so thankful and can’t believe I delayed so long in giving myself such a  precious gift. On the last day of the retreat I watched the moon rise over the ocean with a sense of wonder and gratitude I’ve not felt in a while.  The gifts just kept coming even when the retreat was “officially” over.  I have a kind of joyful expectancy about the weeks ahead and what they might bring.”

-Ann Murphy

“I was a participant in your recent phone course on Telling a New Story and really grew from listening to your wisdom. Thanks Suzanne!”


“Suzanne is an amazing coach with such a gentle loving touch.”


“Many, many thanks for yesterdays superb workshop! Your presentation was so straightforward and illuminating and helped me to approach/understand this subject with self love and self worth. Two subjects which have been sources of difficulty for me! Thanks again, so much.”


“Suzanne, I am sure that you know that I enjoyed your course today but feel like I want to tell you why. I was able to find that moment of clarity again, that knowing. It was another experience of my pen not being able to keep up.. What an awesome feeling. It had seemed like such a fleeting moment before that I had begun to doubt that it had even been real. I will never doubt it again. The best part is that I was so open today that the message was even clearer. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my new life has to offer. The sweet is already sweeter – I can’t express my gratitude adequately for the great gift that you are. you’re an angel. Thank you so much.”


“Suzanne, the class last night was wonderful. I thought your questions were fantastic and so helpful! Also I wanted to say I am in awe of your ability to tolerate silence.  I was trying to put myself in your place and I’m sure I would have been blathering and asking questions like “Are you with me?” etc.  You refrained from than and I wanted to say “kudos to you.” I continue to be impressed by how  professionally you conduct yourself, but with such humanity and ease.”


“I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday’s retreat.  It was wonderful. . . beyond anything I could have ever imagined, and I feel that my life has changed because of it . . . I already feel that I’ve reclaimed some of my power! To be in the presence of all of you . . . it was simply amazing . . . every single part of it. I feel truly blessed to know you and am so thankful that our paths crossed.”


“This was my first retreat of any kind and certainly my first with Solid Ground. You were a magnificent host and while I was the newest group member, I felt at home. I am still learning to just relax and “be” with the divine and wanted to get it right. You see I wanted to get everything I could out of it. Funny thing, what I learned is that I couldn’t get it wrong but that however I am is just exactly right. I learned to be with me and learned that I am a pretty (if I can use your words) magnificent person. I believe that the Divine loves me without judgement and that I am worthy of that love. My heart if full with this knowledge.

In the message you sent after the retreat, you said that I may continue to reap the benefits of the retreat over time, “awakening further to my magnificence.” I was stunned when it actually happened. I can’t really say what happened last night but something wonderful touched my heart. I felt overwhelming joy. I felt Gods presence in me. Tears of joy came … what a blessing that was. Maybe it was […] the meditation or chanting. I don’t know but two weeks later I am still learning in my heart what my head thought it already knew. I am unique. I am enough and any improvement that I think I am making in my character is unnecessary. I am already an incredible creation. Wow…Thank you from my heart, Suzanne.”


“Suzanne, I am SO glad I went to your beach retreat! It was perfect.”


“Thank you for helping me create a life that I absolutely LOVE! Never even knew I wasn’t happy. My life is an adventure every day now […]. You are the gift that keeps on giving.”


“I’m so glad I met you. My life has changed tremendously. I think I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life, thanks to you […]”


“Thank you so much for our session last night – you have the most beautiful voice! It’s so gentle and loving, like Grace is speaking through you. The session really helped me.”

-Sally King, UK

“I am reaping such wonderful benefits from the Power of Intention class.  Thank you for being who you came here to be so that the rest of us can learn from you and do the same.”


“Many thanks – that was such a great class!!  Honestly, Suzanne, I don’t know anyone who can get to the essence of such profound topics, and lead us there with such intelligence and compassion. […]The power of asking yourself the right questions is amazing.”


“Your talk was so very, very good. It is obvious that you’ve grown exponentially. Such absolute brilliance and creativity, such fine presentation style. All that talent just bursting out, you had the entire room in love with you. I remain in awe. Please catch us in your wake and take us with you. You are a gift.”


“Our work together was an important part of my transition from employee to entrepreneur. It provided me with powerful support and insight that I would not have found on my my own.” 


“I just had to write. You have no idea how healing your article in Living.Well Magazine is to me, or maybe you do. To know that we are worthy just because we’re here says more than you know to me. I get it at a deep and profound level. Your writings help to restore those feelings of self worth in me.”


“I really want to thank you for helping me take myself and my creativity seriously. As a result of my work with you, I can see how creativity is a broader thing than I thought, that it undergirds whatever I do and that I can have chapters of various sorts of creative expression in my life. Since making my first film, and to my own surprise, I seem to have manifested a very human and warm group practice. I seem to be attracting more clients without much strain, and they are really different kinds of folks. I feel like I am psychically “reading” folks without working as hard, or giving core energy away. So interesting.

I think the key is that you helped me develop another relationship with creativity. Our work together had me making friends with, and making peace with, the various and changing aspects of creativity in me. These days the river is just flowing at a higher level in general. I don’t feel like my approval of myself is somehow on the line. That’s a big shift right there.

Phew! Thanks!”


“Suzanne, this was a wonderful class! Thank you for opening the door to greater acceptance of myself as I am, rather than as I feel I ‘should’ be.”


“What an incredible teleclass you gave last week. Many things resonated with me. The session also reminded me of how gifted you are and how your insight keeps shifting my world.”


“Suzanne, last night was the best teleconference I have ever enjoyed! You are terrific and really have a way of expressing thoughts and truths very clearly.”


“I was in the audience for your brilliant presentation. I just wanted to tell you that I thought it was inspired and how much I enjoyed it. I hope to attend one of your seminars soon, please keep me on the list. Many thanks again for your inspiration.”  


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I absolutely LOVED the class.  It was wonderful.  I left feeling so much lighter  It is the most refreshing thing in the world… I think about how many tapes, workshops, books, DVDs, etc., I have bought throughout the years. It has been great material, but I got to a certain place and couldn’t figure out how to release my own resistance.  It is the Grace and the ease and flow that has been missing for me. The class is what is making all the difference between reading a book and understanding it in the mind, and taking that information and learning how to apply it in a way that works.  All the books and DVDs in the world are no substitute for a class like this.  As my kids say, “You Rock!!!!”

-Karri Powers.

“I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Our time together was so very helpful and affirming. […] I feel even more opened to a state of grace.”


“Suzanne, thank you so much for your workshop today. I really enjoyed it! That’s the first time I have been to something like that.  You clearly speak from a “knowing” perspective and I enjoy listening to you verbalize the “Truth” because it produces a stream of “ah ha” moments. It’s also clear that you are very appreciated and that you are making such a wonderful difference in people’s lives. I’m not surprised. The people in our group today were clearly at many different places in their lives and you managed the room so well, which is a special skill all its own. Thank you again.”

-Tom Sterner

“I took the Creating Work You Love workshop this past weekend and felt inspired to write my thoughts on it. First of all it was the best $50 I spent in my life. I think this is what I needed to help steer me onto the right path. What a great experience. Thank you!” 

-Donald L.

“Working with Suzanne has been transformational for me on many levels.  When I have a session with Suzanne, my intention is to remain open to receive whatever is for my highest good.  Therefore, I never know what to expect, and her teachings and energy work have always been a wonderful surprise.  She has assisted me in making major life decisions and changes, helping to release many blocks that were hindering and frustrating to my goals.  Working with Suzanne is truly like receiving a moment of grace, where insight and revelation meet, and timelessness ensues.” 


“I have been meaning to write to you and tell you how much I’ve appreciated your classes over the last few months.  The content is so well thought out and your style is so inclusive and inspired.  You really have an amazing talent and you provide this brilliance in a safe and supportive atmosphere where little and big thought miracles happen and I always leave your presence feeling lighter, with my energy humming.  In deep appreciation,”

-Helen S.

“You are an inspiration to me, both in your ability to share important insights through your writing, but also in how you share the heart of being human and how to transform a situation toward love. ”

-Mary S.

“I just want to say thank you so much for our session today.  It was incredibly helpful!  THANK YOU so much.  You are truly one of the greatest teachers who has come into my life.”

- Karri P.

“Suzanne, you are really are an inspiration to me.  When I feel like I want to give up, just being in your energy makes me feel stronger and more trusting of the process.  Thanks for shining your healing light on my path.  You really have a gift.” 

- Maureen F.

“I never thought I could land in my niche so quickly, but I seem to have done so. Thanks again. Working with you was definitely the launch pad for all this.” 

- Claire N.

“I just wanted to thank you for presenting such a wonderful class on Prosperity this past weekend.  Your paradigm of prosperity and the exercises you presented have helped me greatly. It was a great class, a lovely space and a wonderful group of people. Thank you so much!” 

- Tony D.

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