You live into the stories you tell - stories about who you are and what is possible for you to experience. Learn how to tell your story through the voice of love.

You are committed to living an authentic, deeply fulfilled life. But do you sometimes feel as though, no matter what books you’ve read and what techniques you’ve tried, your life has remained pretty much the same? Have you put your most cherished dreams on hold for so long that they’ve faded from neglect?

Imagine how it would feel to see yourself as someone who is living the life you came here to live, knowing you are on your right path and awake to your own glorious talents and aspirations. You can see and know yourself this way by walking through the four portals of transformation:

Intention – intend, clearly and firmly, to see yourself through the eyes of love

Awareness – notice how your current view of yourself shows up in your thoughts, feelings, language and actions

Willingness – be willing to reach for the deeper truth of who you are rather than settling for your current view of yourself

Practice – commit to new habits that support you in seeing and living from that deeper truth

Suzanne’s new course – Write Your New Story, Live Your Best Life, created by Suzanne Eder – is a simple, focused and catalytic experience that lovingly supports you through each of these portals, using the powerful practice of writing.

But don’t worry – you don’t need to be an experienced writer or even to like writing! (Interestingly, it’s often the people who have never kept a journal who find this kind of writing the most helpful.)

The amount of writing you’ll be doing is as much, or as little, as you need. This is not about quantity of words; it’s about the quality of what you’re writing – how it makes you feel. You’ll be guided to write your new story through a series of questions and examples, so you don’t need to worry about staring at a blank page and wondering what to write.

Like all of Suzanne’s courses and coaching, the cultivation of genuine self-love lies at the heart of this class. Says Suzanne, “Self-love is perhaps the most direct and elegant path to raising your vibration to the vibration of the life you want to live. As you learn to persistently cultivate a relationship with yourself that is loving, trusting and respectful, you naturally come into alignment with who you are meant to be. ”

And as you come into alignment with who you are meant to be, your life blossoms in ways that express your unique brilliance.

The course includes three instructional audios, three downloadable handouts and a BONUS audio recording of Suzanne’s powerful self-forgiveness meditation. Plus, as a registered participant, you are eligible for a 15% discount on a private coaching session with Suzanne! Here’s what each segment of the course includes:

Audio 1

  • Introduction to the course
  • Why writing is a powerful medium to effect transformation
  • How your stories have the ability to shape your lived experience
  • The importance of seeing your past through the eyes of love, not through the eyes of judgment, guilt or regret
  • Questions to help you “rewrite” your past through the eyes of love, along with examples and a sample story

Audio 2

  • The purpose of writing a new Story of You that establishes your creative power in the Now
  • Understanding that your new story isn’t about what you’ll do, it’s about who you are
  • Questions to help you write the new Story of You, for your present and future, along with examples and a sample story

Audio 3

  • The importance of creating practices that support you in living from your new story
  • Introduction to 3 key “power practices” that are simple and effective
  • The best way to approach these practices

Bonus Audio

A guided, meditative exercise to move you into your heart and help you shift from self-judgment to self-love with respect to experiences from your past about which you may feel guilt or regret

And here’s the good news: the investment for this course is only $79!

Please don’t let the low price fool you. The material in this course has been literally life-changing for countless of Suzanne’s students and clients. It is priced to be affordable to as many people as possible.

And remember, as a registered participant, you’re eligible for a 15% discount on a private coaching session with Suzanne. Many people welcome the the additional focus, clarity and support that a private session offers; it helps them really own their new story in a genuine, empowered way.

Let this course help you create a loving, supportive Story of You that you can live from, and live into.

You are worthy of your own respect.

You are worthy of your own compassion.

You are worthy of your own support.

You are worthy of having a life you love.