The Art of Agelessness: Understanding the Power of Consciousness to Create a Healthy, Beautiful You

Four Thursdays in October (10/7, 10/14, 10/21 and 10/28) followed by four monthly booster classes, also on Thursdays (11/18/21, 12/16/21, 1/13/22, 2/17/22)

6pm – 7:30pm Eastern time in the U.S. (all classes)


This class will offer an in-depth understanding of health as a vibrational frequency that we can consciously cultivate and therefore experience. As we think, so we become. The lens through which we’ll look is that of being a Divine, vibrational being endowed with free will and the creative power of Source.

I will provide you with a framework to understand the profound implications of what it means to be a primarily vibrational rather than a purely physical being, as it applies to creating a healthy, beautiful body. It will also offer and emphasize the perspective that the unwelcome decline and diminishment which are associated with “aging” are, themselves, reflections of our consciousness; they are not an inevitable experience of being human. Specific principles, reflections and techniques will be offered to help you consciously cultivate a consciousness of vibrant health and ageless beauty.