Anger. Resentment. Irritation. Frustration.

We are living in uncertain times that can easily trigger uncomfortable emotions, even in those of us who are consciously committed to a loving, fulfilled and spiritually grounded life.

Yet one of the biggest obstacles to creating that deeply fulfilled life is the vibrational static caused by feelings of anger, resentment, irritation and frustration, whether they are triggered by personal circumstances or global ones.

That’s because the energetic frequency of those emotions is not in harmony with the energetic frequencies of happiness and fulfillment, and so we “get in our own way” when trying to manifest something wonderful while we’re harboring those emotions.

You probably know that already. And if you’re like a lot of people, you do your best to rid yourself of uncomfortable feelings so they don’t get in your way. What you may not know is that the way you’re dealing with those emotions might be leaving you less able to create what you want, personally and globally.

Here’s why. Most of us have been conditioned to have one of two responses to uncomfortable emotions: either we project them or we suppress them. Some people have suppressed them so successfully, they don’t realize those emotions are still there, vibrating static in their energy fields. And so they wonder why they’re unable to manifest what they want.

Others project their negative emotions without being aware of it, not understanding that their mental focus on the object of their frustration is projecting the emotional energy to that person, even if not a word has been spoken.

Both projection and suppression create a feeling of temporary relief, but what we don’t realize is that both responses result in our losing personal power.

Emotional energy is life-force energy. When we project it we literally give our power away; when we suppress it we lock it away so that it’s unavailable to empower what we want to create.

And there’s something else: when we’re disempowered, we cannot authentically forgive anyone, and it is through forgiveness – the intentional releasing of judgment of someone else – that we gain our full power.

Thankfully, there is another way to respond to uncomfortable emotions, and it is the way of the alchemist. We can learn to literally transmute the frequency of negative emotions into one that is clear, loving and empowering. In that way it harmonizes with, and supports, the manifestation of what we wish to experience.

In this groundbreaking new class, you will learn the principles and practices of this emotional transmutation process, the fruits of which include:

  • Experiencing peace of mind with regard to situations that previously created distress.
  • Refocusing on what you want to create and gaining access to the magnetic power that helps you create it, rather than using that power to push against what you don’t want.
  • Feeling centered, grounded and empowered.
  • Liberating yourself through genuine forgiveness of yourself and others.
  • Gaining access to deeper levels of insight about how to bring about positive change without force or frustration (in some cases, witnessing the situations change without any intervention at all).

I hope you’ll join me. You are deserving of a rich, deeply fulfilled life, and learning to harness your own emotional energy is one of the master keys to creating it.

WHEN:                 TBD

WHERE:              Gracious private residence


REGISTER:         Coming Soon!