The start of a new year invites us to reflect anew on who we are, where we are and where we’re going, and winter is the perfect season for this inward self-reflection. It is a time of inner stasis that precedes a new creative wave of expansion.

Your creative wave of expansion. Your one-of-a-kind life experiences that both express and shape your ongoing evolution in 2018.

You already know about the power of intention to initiate positive waves of expansion in your life. What you may not give as much attention to is the quality of consciousness from which your intentions are formed, the energy that fuels the expansion they set in motion, and the inner wisdom that guides you to ride that wave with ease and Grace.

Join me in a beautifully nourishing environment for a half-day of guided exploration and reflection, designed to connect you with your deepest wisdom and to provide you with fresh insights and practices that will support your new wave of creative expansion in 2018. During our time together you will:

  • Enjoy resting in your inner sanctuary of loving wisdom, from which you can acknowledge and accept the intentions that serve your highest good.
  • Learn how to cultivate and harness the potent magnetic energy that draws ideas, opportunities, resources and abundance in all forms to you.
  • Gain greater clarity about how your inner wisdom communicates with you on a daily basis, so you can move forward with deeper trust that you are, and will be, guided.
  • Develop key mantras and practices to help you stay attuned to your inner wisdom and your sense of genuine empowerment.

Let the shared energy and intentions of our group magnify your own, as you open to fresh insights and understandings that will help you ride your own wave of creative power in 2018 with greater ease and Grace.

WHEN:                       TBD

WHERE:                    Gracious private residence in Centreville, DE (address to be provided to confirmed participants)

INVESTMENT:           $125

REGISTER:                Coming Soon!