Love Yourself to Success & Fulfillment

This course has been years in the making. I started teaching and mentoring (formerly under the business name of Solid Ground) in 2003 with little more than a twinkle in my eye and a tender hope in my heart. Sure, I had lots of life experience, a few well-developed skills and some excellent education and training, yet I hadn’t yet learned what it really takes to succeed: the deepest level of self-love I had ever known.

All too often I would fall into old habits of self-doubt and self-criticism, thinking I had to manage and fix and push myself to success. I look back now and see that I would take the proverbial two steps forward, then get lost in a cloud of doubt or self-judgment and fall two steps back. There was quite a bit of churning going on!

Thankfully, I began to notice what worked and what didn’t. Not just in my own life, but in the lives of my clients. I began to realize that even the most leading-edge concepts I was teaching about energy and vibration and manifestation could be disempowering if I used them as yet another reason to judge myself for coming up short. It dawned on me that, without a foundation of self-love, applying new principles would just lead to the same old results: dissatisfaction and a sense of there being something wrong or missing.

I set a new intention to love myself to success and fulfillment, and began to experiment with what that looked and felt like. It quickly became foundational not only to my life, but to my teaching and coaching. My business began to thrive as I integrated the self-love theme more deeply into my work.

Self-love is, of course, the underlying foundation for this course, which integrates the most effective manifestation principles and practices I’ve learned and taught over the years. I devoted the entire first module to cultivating self-love, as well as emphasized various aspects of self-love throughout the other modules. It is my hope that you will open to the deepest experience of self-love you have ever known as you move through this course.

It is also my hope – and intention – that this course will powerfully support you in creating a life you love. I want you to see and know yourself as the joyful creator of your life, and to feel relaxed and confident as you grow and evolve and expand into more and more of who you are.

If you’re like many of the people with whom I’ve worked, you may have been on a path of conscious creation for quite some time. You’re intrigued by the worlds of spirituality and consciousness and have felt intuitively drawn to the teachings of contemporary spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks and others. Yet you may still be grappling with how to integrate those teachings into your life in a way that generates real outcomes: spiritual connection and enlightenment, vibrant health, work you love, financial prosperity and deeply satisfying relationships. That’s what I do: I help people better understand and integrate principles of consciousness, energy and manifestation in ways that work for them, starting with the essential intention to love themselves through the process.

So let’s get started. This is the “home page” for the course, so be sure to bookmark it. (Please note, you will need to be logged into the site in order to get to the page.) Links to each of the course modules can be found in at the bottom of this page, and below the module links are links to the various additional resources that are referenced throughout the course (audio files and PDF files).. Details about how to navigate through the course are included in the Introduction, so please start there. If you have any questions about accessing the material, please email me at

Before diving into the modules, I want to give you a high-level framework that supports all of the teachings that follow. You may be familiar with most of these principles, but I think it helps to spell them out up front. Here goes.


Foundational Premises

This course is based on the following three foundational premises:

Premise # 1: We are fundamentally creative beings—individuated expressions of the Divine Creator—and the ongoing movement of creative energy is essential to our well-being.

What this means:

Our future is not fixed! We are co-creating it in every moment, and our power to create is inborn.

Premise #2: We are living in a vibrational, interconnected Universe. Everything has a frequency and like frequencies attract or resonate with each other.

What this means:

Our medium of creation is energy, and our intentions, beliefs, thoughts, language, feelings and action are the vibrational means through which we direct our creative impulses.

Premise #3: Beliefs about who we are and what is possible (or not possible) as a result of those beliefs have the greatest impact on our ability to create. Transformation is the art of changing identity to allow for ever greater expressions of our divinity.

What this means:

In order to create a life we love, we must become who our dreams are calling us to become.

Taken together, these premises provide a focus on personal vibration that is central to this course. As you vibrate, so you create! Start thinking of everything in terms of energy and vibration, most particularly your intentions, beliefs, thoughts, language and feelings. Consider the quality of the vibration you are emitting, and whether your habitual frequencies match the frequencies of the life you want. This course will strongly reinforce your vibrational focus.

As noted in the third premise above, creating a successful, joy-filled life arises from ongoing personal transformation – which is really the same thing as evolution. The creative process is one of continually shedding and embracing new identities. You become who you want to become in order to experience what you want to experience. It’s all about evolution and expansion into your magnificent, divine self.

Here are a few essential points to note about this ongoing, personal transformation process. I’ve found them to be helpful reminders that keep me from lapsing into self-doubt or self-judgment:


Keys for Successful Transformation

You are never “done.”

Transformation occurs again and again as part of the evolution toward higher levels of consciousness and expressions of that consciousness (higher orders of harmony, beauty, and creativity). As you surrender more deeply to that truth, you can experience joy in the ongoing process of expansion. Relax and enjoy the ride!

You can’t think your way through it.

Understanding alone is not enough to effect change, because you are more than a thinking being existing on a mental plane. Learning to acknowledge, feel, embrace and trust your own intuition and emotional guidance is essential to living a deeply fulfilled life.

Stay focused on the present moment and the quality of being you want to experience.

Desired results are meant to serve as inspiration and guide, not as a condition for your happiness and well-being.

Self-love is the essence and foundation of transformational change.

If you use the new insights you gain in this process to find fault with how you’re living your life right now, you will have completely missed the point. Soul-driven transformation is essentially a shift from fear to love.

The basic process of transformation has four key elements, or what I think of now as portals: intention, awareness, willingness and practice. These will be emphasized throughout the course, but I wanted to note them here to make the point that you already have everything you need in order to create what you want to create. And this course will help you more clearly appreciate and utilize these innate transformational skills you already possess.


How to Move Through This Course

As you saw in the Table of Contents, this course has eight basic modules plus a conclusion. Although the sequence of modules was intentionally selected to provide useful direction and flow, you may benefit from skimming through all the modules to determine which one(s) you’d like to focus on first. Depending on where you are on your journey, a particular topic might be of great interest to you right now, regardless of the suggested sequence. So if you feel a pull toward one of the modules, by all means begin with that one. Otherwise, plan to move through them in the order presented.

It is difficult to estimate how much time anyone will want or need to spend on a given module, but you might want to target completing no more than one module per week to offset our common cultural tendency to rush through things. This is not material to be memorized, it is material to be embodied. Each module has suggested activities and practices which are essential to the course. Please give yourself time to fully explore the suggested practices. If you don’t commit to at least some of the practices, the power of this course will be significantly diminished.

Module 7, Cultivating Inner Guidance, is substantially longer than the others. I considered breaking it down into multiple modules but ultimately decided to present the material in a single module with various sections. Either format would have worked, but given that I chose to include everything in a single module, I wanted to point that out up front so that you would give yourself extra time to work and play with the information and activities.

Many of the suggested activities in the modules are journaling exercises, so you will need a journal or notebook and pen. You are free to type your responses into your tablet or laptop, of course, but many people find that writing them by hand provides a deeper and more personal experience. Writing by hand forces your mind to slow down, and slowing down is extremely beneficial when you are contemplating new perspectives.

Each of the modules includes a section, just before the Activities & Practices section, called “But what about…?” These sections present questions that commonly arise when people are first exposed to the principles offered in the module. They are included as a means of providing additional clarity and helping you release whatever resistance you may have to the teachings.


Additional Resources

You also receive, with this course, several articles that expand on a few of the topics presented, a key document known as The Instrument Panel that will help you navigate through your emotions, a recorded track of the Diving In process introduced in the course, a meditation and two prerecorded audio messages. You will be directed to each of these resources in the appropriate module of the course. The meditation, which I refer to as the Spacious Moment Meditation, is the one resource not associated with a particular module. It can be listened to at any time to help you relax and open to the Divine Presence.

Also included with this course are six recordings of live group calls I facilitated during the pilot phase of this course. They cover a diverse array of topics related to the process of creating a life you love, as identified on the menu. Feel free to listen to them at any time, as you are called.

All of these additional resources can be accessed below or from the homepage of the course.


Persistent, Loving Focus

I want to say one more thing before you start. I strongly encourage you to adopt a persistent, loving focus on completing this course. Don’t force yourself through it, but don’t let it sit unattended for weeks and weeks, either. Keep nudging yourself to read, explore and experiment. The activities themselves will help you develop a persistent, loving focus on what you want to create in your life. And with that persistent, loving focus on what you want, you will create it.

I hope you’re as excited about starting this course as I am about offering it! Please begin with a relaxed and open mind, and intend to have as much fun with it as possible. And if you’d like some additional, personalized support with any of the modules, remember that a coaching session is only a phone call away. Please email me at if you’d like to schedule a session or two.

Now is the perfect time to listen to the Introduction audio. Enjoy!