Inspiration Series - Month Six

The Deeper Truth of Who You Are

A loving, Divine Intelligence is thriving through you, as you.

You are doing beautifully.

Pause right now, take a deep breath, and read that again:

You are doing beautifully.

Take another deep breath and let it sink in.

You are doing beautifully.

Really. You are.

Can you feel the truth of that? Can you allow yourself to relax into it? Or is your mind busily compiling evidence to prove that it’s incorrect? Just notice your reaction.

And if your mind is doing its best to convince you that you’re not doing beautifully, pause and read the statement again, and again, with a clear intention to allow the truth of it to seep into your being.

This might take some practice. But I can promise you that it’s worth it.

It’s almost impossible to live an inspired life if you’re in the habit of thinking that you’re falling short in some way – falling short of your dreams or expectations or commitments. And it’s almost impossible to live an inspired life if you’re holding onto judgments, guilt or regret about choices you made in the past.

To put it simply, it’s almost impossible to live an inspired life from the “something is wrong with me” perspective.

Almost. Yet from a larger perspective, it’s impossible not to live an inspired life, because life is designed to stimulate your evolution into more and more of who you are. The utter ridiculousness of self-judgment must ultimately reveal itself to you, and in that revelation you expand further into your inspired, magnificent self.

And so it could be said that the art of living an inspired life is being willing to recognize that you are already living one.

That doesn’t mean your life won’t get even better from here, or that you should try forcing yourself to be happy when things don’t seem to be going your way. It means that you have countless do-overs. As long as you’re breathing, life is calling you to the next moment of self-expression. It is offering you endless opportunities to recognize and relish the rich depth of your “You-ness” and the paradoxical glory of your divinely human nature.

I want you to see yourself this way. To see yourself through the eyes of love. To genuinely honor your longings and talents and passion and courage. To recognize that “mistakes” you may have made aren’t evidence that you are flawed and deserve to be punished, but that you are human and deserve to be loved.

There is no standard of perfection you have to reach. There is nothing you have to prove. There is no one you benefit from comparing yourself to. You have only to show up for yourself, listen to your heart of hearts and act on what is yours to do.

I encourage you to look at the whole of your life – past, present and future – from the perspective of inevitable growth: you’ve been growing and evolving all along, you’re growing and evolving now, and you’ll continue to grow and evolve. Consider that maybe, just maybe, this is a divinely loving and intelligent universe that wants to thrive through you, as you.

And you’re getting better and better at letting that happen. Times when you feel stuck or resigned or afraid call you to reach for the deepest and most empowering truth you can find, and times when you feel content or delighted or joyful call you to celebrate that truth.

You’ve learned so much and grown so much and you’re here, now, willing to learn and grow even more. You’re here to love and create and share. You are in your right place at your right time.

In other words…you are doing beautifully.

Inspired Practices

  • Listen to this meditation several times over the next month. Allow each experience to be a fresh one.
  • Practice saying to yourself, lovingly and often, “(Name), you are doing beautifully.” Don’t say it only when you feel pleased with the way something has gone; say it as a reminder of the deeper truth that, no matter what, you are worthy of your own great love, and your very willingness to live consciously ane creatively is a beautiful thing.