Finding and Living your calling free guide

Before you get started with this guide, please take a minute, right now, to honor yourself for making the sacred and joyful commitment to finding and living your calling. Whether you’ve chosen to download the guide as a catalyst to get you started, or you’ve been on the journey for a while and you’re looking for new ways to stay inspired, you are in the right place. And you deserve to be supported.

This guide includes four juicy, content-rich articles about finding and living your calling, and an audio recording of a class Suzanne offered to a small group of clients that she called, “Find Your Calling Wake-up Call.” She covered a lot of ground in the 60-minute class, addressing several of the most frequently asked questions about how the whole process “works.” Together they provide a deeply insightful perspective on the joys and challenges of following your dreams, and a resource you can consult again and again when you need a good dose of support.

And speaking of support, you’ll also receive Suzanne’s newsletter and notices of upcoming classes, events and coaching offers. Of course, you’re free to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, but we hope you’ll choose to read it instead! Many people have told Suzanne that they enjoy her write-ups of new classes almost as much as the articles themselves. Everything we email to you is sent with an intention to uplift, inspire and empower.

And… as a bonus for signing up for the free guide, we are making you a very special coaching offer. Normally Suzanne asks new clients to make a 3-session commitment ($425 initial investment); individual sessions can be scheduled after that for $160 per session. With this coaching offer, you may schedule a single “jumpstart” session with Suzanne for only $125! We really hope you’ll take advantage of this generous offer. You might be surprised at how potent and effective live coaching can be. And there is no better investment you can make than an investment in yourself.

To schedule your discounted “jumpstart” session, please email Suzanne at

And now without further ado, here are the four featured elements of Solid Ground’s Inspired Guide to Finding & Living Your Calling:

  1. Find Your Calling Wake Up Call (Listen Online, opens in a new window)
  2. Suzanne’s Inspired Guide to Finding & Living  Your Calling – overview (PDF – opens in a new window)
  3. Destiny is Calling – article (PDF, opens in a new window)
  4. Excerpt from Suzanne’s not-yet-published book (PDF, opens in a new window)