Conclusion: Loving Yourself to Success & Fulfillment

Over the past weeks or months, as you’ve moved through this course, you have given more attention to what you truly want, you’ve increased your awareness of the beliefs you have that may be limiting your ability to create what you want, you’ve learned to focus your attention in ways that help you create more empowering beliefs, you’ve begun to develop a heightened ability to recognize your own inner guidance, and you’ve practiced ways of navigating through the fears and other negative emotions that inevitably come up in the process of creating a life you truly love.

And I hope you’ve done all that with a clear intention to experience the deepest level of self-love you’ve ever known.

Time and again I witness in my clients the immense power, creativity, and generosity that are released when they dare to honor the truth of who they are, and I want that for you. I want you to know that you matter and what you love matters. Bringing forth your unique and authentic brilliance is not only the path to your greatest fulfillment, it is the path to your highest and most joy-filled contributions to others.

In other words, creating a life you truly love isn’t selfish. It’s what you’re here to do.

Before bringing this experience to a close, I wanted to offer some important reminders that have helped me and many of my clients. Here they are:

Doubt Your Doubts, not Your Desires

If there was one thing I wish I’d more fully understood and appreciated when I left my corporate job to pursue my dreams, it is this: doubt your doubts, not your desires. I wish I’d become better able to identify and challenge the self-critical thoughts and beliefs far sooner than I did. I repeatedly fell prey to their twisted logic, believing them rather than growing beyond them. I would take two steps forward and two steps back, then pause in paralysis and uncertainty.

I falsely believed that the obstacles I faced were part of an objective reality, and that I might not really have what it takes to overcome them. I didn’t fully grasp that the seeming obstacles were, themselves, a reflection of my own self-limiting beliefs, and the power to change them was, by definition and design, within me.

It was only as I learned to really listen to myself, to honor myself and to advocate for my dreams that I gained traction and forward movement. It was only as I gained appreciation for the value of my work that others could value it, too. It was only in daring to declare myself worthy of a joy-filled life that I began creating one.

I learned that the process of translating that core intention for self-love into the lived experiences of a fulfilling life is one of repeated course corrections. It takes practice. It takes a willingness to actually do the kinds of activities and practices I’ve offered in this course. That’s why I created it! It’s easy to be inspired by the idea of loving yourself into a life you love, but how does it actually work? How do you shift from one way of being and acting in this world to a whole new way?

You do it through intention, awareness, willingness, and practice – the portals to transformation. And with any luck, I’ve helped you access those portals through this course. What I want to emphasize here is the practice. Please do the activities I’ve suggested, and keep doing them (or variations of them that you create) until you feel and know that you have achieved a new state of being, one that is grounded in peace and profound self-trust.

Remember, through your persistent, loving focus on what you want, you are literally creating it.

Master Your Own Vibration

Another key point I wanted to emphasize as I bring this course to a close is the tremendous value of thinking in terms of energy and vibration, and maintaining an ongoing intention to master the quality and coherence of your own vibration. The fundamental essence of everything we perceive and experience in this universe is energy, vibrating in countless patterns and varying frequencies.

As you begin to consider that your own intentions, beliefs, and thoughts have an energetic reality to them, you begin to grasp that you are not confined to the physiological and psychological processes within your brain and the boundaries of your skin. The intangible, non-physical qualities that define and express your uniqueness—your talents; your passions; your intentions, thoughts, and beliefs—exist as energy frequencies that have resonance and reach and power. You are a glorious symphony of vibrations, and like vibrations attract and resonate with one another. The more harmonious your vibrations are—meaning the more aligned your intentions, beliefs, thoughts, language, and actions are with one another—the greater is the coherence and power of your energy.

I have found that considering things in terms of vibration helps me understand things in a simpler and more intuitive way, which means I’m less likely to be encumbered by over-analysis or self-judgment. When I ask myself, “What am I vibrating right now?” I gain an almost immediate sense of the overall quality of my energy and whether I’ve got some vibrations that are out of sync with one another—and with my dreams. It’s information that I can take in and use to make course corrections. And because the language of energy and vibration is impersonal, it’s easier for me to make those corrections without self-judgment. I can remind myself, “This is just how energy works. Like vibrations attract and resonate with one another, so my job is to align my vibration with what I want.”

Start playing with the idea and language of vibration. Remember your feelings are your indicators of how you’re vibrating, so pay more attention to how you feel and be willing to ask, “What am I vibrating right now? Is this the vibration—the channel—I want to be on? How can I shift my vibration toward what I want?” You might be surprised at how that simple yet profound shift in perspective can open you to the kinds of insights and choices that create forward momentum.

Proceed with Lightness and Humor

And finally, please explore all of this with as much lightness and humor as you can. You can’t get it wrong and you can’t make a fatal mistake. Keep paying attention to the guidance system you have for making course corrections that keep you in alignment with what you want to create or experience.

Understanding vibration will help you grasp that lightness and humor are expansive and fluid, and are far more conducive to growth than seriousness. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be contemplative or thoughtful. Just be mindful of not distorting your thoughtfulness with worry. (That’s my formula for seriousness: thoughtfulness + worry. Keep the thoughtfulness, drop the worry.) Intend to lighten up as much as you can. Dare to have fun with this!

You matter.

What you love matters.

Now go create the life you want to live!