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Blind Insights

Suzanne was invited to be a guest on the Blind Insights podcast, hosted by David Olney in Australia, after David heard Suzanne’s TEDx talk on The Dark Side of Self-Improvement and resonated strongly with it. In this thoughtful conversation they, along with podcast co-host Tim Whiffen, explore what it means to be growth-oriented rather than goal oriented, the creative power of nonresistance and learning to focus on your strengths and desires, how to cultivate Self-Love and much more.

Success 4

Suzanne Eder is a teacher, healer, author and guide as well as the creator of one of our favourite TED Talks, “The Dark side of Self Improvement.”

In this podcast Rich from Success4 and Suzanne discuss spiritual healing, pasting over old wounds, not needing to be fixed and how to find your power by trusting you own inner voice, without crossing over to the dark side of the self improvement industry to follow a self-proclaimed expert or guru.

This Week in America Interview

Nationally recognized after 33 successful years on television and having worked with the likes of Larry King, Hugh Downs, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno, George Clooney, Katie Couric and many others, Ric now has two radio shows in national syndication.

This Week in America with Ric Bratton is on over 100 stations, and growing. The weekly program features nationally-known guests and contemporary topics of interest.


Universal Energy Radio

Join Anna as she chats with Suzanne Eder, an award-winning writer, teacher, inspirational speaker and transformational life coach. Suzanne’s work is about supporting people in recognizing, honoring and empowering their souls’ true longings – living an authentic and inspired life.



Snap Out Of It

Suzanne Eder was recently a featured guest on Just Imagine That! internet talk show – Listen Now!

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Ego Planet

Hello. I’m Tammy Taylor, the “Manifestation Muse”. Been calibrating how the soul and ego interact and am now penning my first book with the working title “Ego Planet”. Thank you for your insights and for riding with us!